A team of professionals at your service

Instalaciones de Euro-EquipSince it was founded in 1974, Euro-Equip has played its part in modernising Spanish foundries at the very highest level. In doing so, Euro-Equip has worked closely with the world’s leading foundry equipment suppliers.

We have provided services and equipment for practically all the companies in the Spanish foundry sector, not forgetting a number of other companies elsewhere in the world. Our main clients include foundries supplying components for the automotive, mining and shipbuilding industries as well as machine parts. By keeping abreast of the latest technical advances and processes, we have always been able to propose the most appropriate solutions to our clients, meeting their needs with the outmost efficiency.

Oficinas de Euro-EquipAt Euro-Equip we do not simply fit a certain machine or provide standard solutions.

Our proposals are the result of an exhaustive, rigorous study of your requirements and objectives.

Our Technical Office, through its mechanical and electrical departments, analyses your projects and proposes different solutions tailored to costs, productivity, efficiency levels, etc. Our professionalism and the guarantee of being exclusive agents and licence-holders for Spain of world class brands in the sector ensure that the final result of our work is to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Finally, our after-sales service and our warehouse, with a stock of over 4,000 spare parts references, guarantee ongoing attention for your facilities in order to solve any contingency.